Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thanks Dollar Tree

A while back Kelly's Korner had a "Show Us Your Life" on collections. I have NO collections. Then, I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet in my bathroom, and I realized that I DID have a collection. But thankfully the collection is now complete.

I was an avid collection of negative pregnancy tests. In the world of "infertiles" I think this is probably a quite common thing to collect. Sad, but true. Even though years go by with no positive outcomes, "infertiles" HAVE a great urge to take a test every month.

But, I am so cheap (frugal) that I could not justify spending that much money to get a negative result month after month. Then I discovered, much to my joy, that Dollar Tree sold pregnancy tests AND ovulation tests. Oh the joy that filled my soul when I realized this. And they actually worked! I read on different pregnancy bulletin boards that people were taking them, and getting REAL, TRUE positive results...followed up by the same results at the doctor's office.

So began my monthly run to the Dollar Tree to collect pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. A certain store on a certain Lane in a certain city had them out on the aisles. All other Dollar Trees around this certain city had them behind the counter, so you had to actually ASK someone for them. Oh, the horror! So....embarrassing. So, I would try to make it to that one certain store where they were out on the aisle, but sometimes I had to endure the humiliation of asking for them. And then the next month, I would wonder, "Do they remember me from the month before, and the month before, and the month before?" My name is Amy, and I am addicted to buying and taking pregnancy tests.

But I am very thankful to the Dollar Tree for letting me indulge in my addiction to peeing on a stick every month without breaking the bank. I mean, I can flush a dollar down the toilet without feeling too guilty:)

But I am most thankful for the test with the two lines, that really was accurate, and that brought me this 9 months later:) Thanks Dollar Tree....I couldn't have made it through my last few years of being an "infertile" without you.


Kami Lambe said...

Great post! So glad those days are behind us.

ottszoo said...

dollar tree rocks!!!!! He is such a mighty blessing in such a cute package.