Friday, March 19, 2010

Brothers and Dirt

I am so glad that after the vast age difference between Reid and Wyatt that Reid was a boy! God definitely knew what he was doing. They love each other so much. It makes my heart so happy. Here are two new pics of them together.

Reid's first birthday party is Sunday. My dad came over to help me plant flowers in the flowerbed that hasn't really been a flowerbed for many years now. Reid was napping when he first got here, but then he woke up, and I wondered what would I do with him??? First I put him in the stroller. He was watching us and eating a snack. That kept him happy for about 45 minutes.

Then the squirming started! We were so close to being finished, so I decided to put him down in the grass and see what he did. He crawled over to where we were working, and he went to town! He had so much fun playing. He played for about 1 hour, and we never heard a peep out of him. He is so good. I bet he would love the beach and digging in the sand. He is soooooo OPPOSITE of his brother.

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