Monday, May 10, 2010

Wyatt and Reid

Kelly's Korner did a post about baby names and how you came up with them. When I was pregnant with boy #1, I remember sitting at home by myself and thinking of the name Wyatt. I have NO idea where it came from. When my husband came home from work, he walked in the door. I distinctly remembering sitting on the couch and saying, "What about Wyatt?" as he walked through the door. I FULLY expected him to say, "Are you crazy?". He said, "I like it." Now keep in mind, this was 2001. There were NOT many Wyatt's running around. NONE that I knew of. Now (almost 9 years later) I hear it and see it much more often. So, that was the name if we were having a boy. When we found out in March 2001 that he was indeed a boy, that was his name, and we NEVER wavered on that decision. His middle name is Bradley which is also my husband's middle name. I tried out some other names with Wyatt, but I always came back to Bradley. So, boy #1 is Wyatt Bradley.

It took us 6 years to finally get pregnant again (with 2 miscarriages during this time), so I had A LOT of time to think about baby names. My daddy had given me his baby book, and I was looking at it one day. I never realized that my daddy's grandfather's name was Lawson. I fell in love with that name. I knew that if we ever had another boy, I wanted his name to be Lawson. When we realized that our baby #2 was going to stick around, we discussed names with friends and family at every gathering. Everyone loved Lawson, except for one very important person---my husband. When Wyatt was 4 years old, he had a boy in his class named Tyler. Tyler had a little brother named Reid. I remember at his end of the year party thinking that was a cute name, but I never gave it much thought after that. At this point we knew that we were having boy #2. On the same couch where I thought of Wyatt, I was sitting with a friend one night. We were on the subject of baby names AGAIN. I remembered the thought of Reid, and I opened my mouth and said it OUT LOUD. Before it left my mouth, I knew in my heart of hearts that my husband was going to like it. He had liked NOTHING else that I had mentioned (or anyone else for that matter). Sure enough, he liked it and he NEVER let it go. So, after much fighting up until the day boy #2 was born, I lost out on Lawson and boy #2 was named Reid Patrick. Patrick is in honor of my husband's dad who passed away in 2006. It took me a long time to get over his name not being Lawson. I even have friends who still call him Lawson. But I have grown used to Reid being his name. Naming boy #2 was a MUCH more difficult and emotional decision than naming boy #1. I hope they both like their names when they get older......