Saturday, October 26, 2013

Reid's 4th Birthday Celebration

I'm so behind on updates on this blog.  Reid's 4th birthday was March 23.  He had his second surgery the middle of February, so in order for him to have more time to heal we postponed his party until the end of April. Every birthday is a celebration of life, but this party was truly a celebration! We celebrated walking through the unimaginable.  We celebrated our baby's life!
Even before Reid was diagnosed, I had already thought that a pirate birthday party would be so fun.  Pinterest is FULL of ideas for pirate birthday parties.  After our life took an unexpected turn, I still thought the pirate idea would be a good one for Reid's party.

Pirate food and fabulous cake by my friend Martha Stewart (I mean Michelle)
So many of our friends and family were there to help us celebrate.  It was truly a beautiful and blessed day!

 But the day was about one person in particular. Our Reid.  He is the bravest, strongest boy I know.  And it was his special day.  He was showered with love and gifts galore! He said it was his best party ever! And it was...