Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 Months

Reid turned 15 months old last Wednesday. We celebrated by going to the doctor's office. This visit was his first visit since his 1 year check up which is remarkable! On Tuesday he started running fever. On Wednesday morning I made an appointment, and we saw the NP because our doctor was out of town. This is our second time to see the NP, and I really like her. She is very thorough. His ears were fine, and she said his throat was just "slightly red", but she still did a strep test. It came back positive! I was shocked. Strep was the last thing I was thinking he may have. He was so pitiful once Wednesday night rolled around, and Thursday was the WORST day. But thankfully by Friday morning he had turned a corner, and he was back to being his old self again:) Thank goodness for antibiotics!!! He weighed 27 1/2 pounds at the doctor's office. He actually looks (and feels) like he is thinning down some to me.

Reid has started to have quite the personality. He likes to dance and sing. He has started saying a few things. He says Mama, Dadda, Bubba, Bye Bye, ball and a few other things very plainly. But he babbles like a maniac! I would love to know what is going on in his little brain with all of that babbling. He is also quite the climber. He climbs on EVERYTHING! It is kind of scary. I have found him on top of the dining room table, and he also climbs on the desk on a daily basis!!! We call him a billy goat!

He still loves to sleep. He still sleeps from 9ish-11ish in the morning and then takes another 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He is so grouchy when he doesn't get that morning nap. My MIL kept him yesterday for me to take Wyatt to Blue Bayou, and he was not a happy camper over there. But he won't sleep unless he has a baby bed of some sort to sleep in. That is why I usually leave him with my mom instead of my MIL! Oh well, they both lived through it:)

He still doesn't like to watch TV. He may have increased his time from 5-10 minutes, but it is NOTHING compared to Wyatt at this age. Sometimes I really wish that he would sit still for 30 minutes and watch something. But he never has, and I wonder if he ever will?

He also loves to jump. He started jumping on the trampoline a couple of weeks ago. He is so cute how he jumps up! If we ask him to jump in the house, he will try to do it, but it's not as easy inside! He also loves to jump on Wyatt's bed! Only Wyatt's though, not mine! He is funny....he knows what he wants!!!

He is so sweet, but he definitely has a strong will! We love him to death! Sometimes I still can't believe he's mine! I am forever grateful!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life--Lenox Solitaire

Kelley's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life on your china patterns. Mine is Lenox Solitaire.

First off, let me say that if I could rewind 12 years, I would NEVER have registered for china. It has been in the top of a closet at my parents' house for all of these years! I have never used one piece of it, and I doubt I ever will. It is VERY pretty, but it is TOTALLY impractical! Maybe I will go break open some of the boxes for my next party for friends! That would be hilarious! We usually eat on paper plates. Not really, we often eat on our everyday dishes which are Italian Countryside by Mikasa. I still love these dishes after all of these years!

The green dishes that Kelly showed are much more my style today. Maybe I should sell all of my china on ebay. That's an idea!!!