Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Pics

Our friend took some pictures of us for our Christmas card. We went to a subdivision nearby that has a very old church that was kept when the subdivision was developed. The pictures came out great. I used one for my card, but there were some others that were great as well. And some funny ones too!!!

The one of Reid running away cracks me up! I came close to using that one as my Christmas card:)
Reid was throwing rocks at the photographer! He was tired of having his picture made. Who knew he had strep throat? He was running around like a wild child, and then that evening.....sick!

Lance and me

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Wyatt and Reid of all time!

Sanka Claus

Reid is so loving all of the Christmas decorations. We ride around and look at lights and look for "Sanka" Claus. At first he said Santa (the correct way), and then he started saying them together, but for some reason it came out "Sanka Claus". So, I have been saying it too! It cracks me up.

Thursday night we went to Bass Pro Shop to have our picture made with good ole Saint Nick. I was tired of the mall scene, so we headed to Denham Springs. Lance walked around with the boys while I stood in line. We showed "Sanka" to Reid as soon as we got there. He seemed excited about all of the decorations and seeing good ole Sanka. So, when it was our turn to go up to Santa, Reid RAN down this "red carpet" type thing full speed ahead. When he got about 5 feet from Sanka, he put on some serious brakes. Even Santa said, "He just slammed on the brakes!" It was pretty funny! He turned around to Lance and me and said, "Hold you!". So, we have the Griswold family photo. We have the same "family" pic with Santa when Wyatt was 17 months! Too funny!

Here is our picture from last year, and then our Griswold picture from this year. What a difference a year makes! Enjoy!