Tuesday, April 2, 2013

St. Jude/Memphis Photo Dump - Part 1

First off, Reid is doing FANTASTIC (as his St. Jude oncologist likes to say)! He turned 4 on March 23.  Easter was this past Sunday.  He went to church for only the second time since all of our life was turned upside down. He sat with us in "big" church, and he was such a big boy.

I finally cleaned all of the pictures off of my iPhone a few days ago.  I had several St. Jude pictures that I have never shared.

Our view after Reid's surgery in October. They put us in ICU because there were no regular rooms available. In case anyone is not familiar with those little blue bags, they are barf bags.  Reid threw up more after his surgeries than all of his chemos combined.  Narcotics are not his friend!
Reid's surgery was October 26.  I noticed a slight red bump on my arm that turned into this a couple of days later.  The SJ ICU nurses freaked out and told me to go to ER.  No thank you! Lance called his friend who prescribed me some antibiotics. (Lance was concerned that I was going to keel over! LOL!)
Memphis Grizzlies mascot.

Eating dinner at the Grizzlies House.  Volunteers provide meals to the families staying there usually twice per week.

Halloween at St. Jude.  The BIGGEST party ever!  Keep in mind this is 5 days after Reid's major surgery!

The Memphis Botanic Gardens--one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been.
I love this red bridge!
This picture was taken within a week of his surgery.  He is unstoppable!

Memphis Tigers are found all over Memphis in various places.

My parents brought Wyatt the first weekend in November.  This photo was taken at the Memphis Zoo. My dad reluctantly agreed to get a scooter.  Wyatt and Reid thought it was a toy!
Row, row, row your boat!

Sweet brothers!

Graceland...I was surprised how small it is!

Wyatt was following along with the guided tour.  I was shocked that he actually enjoyed it!

My mom's name is Doris.  (not the most common name) She is a huge Elvis fan.  When I saw this coffee mug, I knew I had to buy it for her.  I bought it when she wasn't looking.  I gave it to her in the car after we left Graceland.  She was so excited!

His favorite toy in this particular waiting area.  My, oh my!
A very sweet gift from our very sweet dentist, Dr. Hunt.

Jenna Bush was there filming with Marlo Thomas.  She is the cutest and sweetest young lady.