Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning Tips!

Kelly's Korner is hosting a Show Us Your Life about Cleaning Tips! Well, I HATE to clean worse than anything in the world. So, my best advice for cleaning is to have an event at your house. Have a birthday party, a dinner party, a football watching party or a shower of some kind. My house never sparkles like it does when a bunch of people of coming over.

I have been trying out Fly Lady. I think she has some good points. But my favorite quote is "My house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it!" It's so true......I think that's why I HATE cleaning so much. It's right back to dusty, dirty floors, laundry piling up the SECOND after it was sparkly clean. UGGH!!!! Maybe one day I'll become a domestic diva. But until then, I'll keep throwing parties once in a while. Then, I know my house will sparkle for a least a couple of hours!

The Real Birthday

It has become a tradition that we take the "birthday" person out to eat for their birthday. Since Reid can't tell us where he wants to go, we took him to Wyatt's favorite which is Outback. Reid LOVES to eat. So, if you keep the food coming, he is a happy boy. He did start to wear out at the end, but overall he did well. Next year, I wonder where he will pick???

"It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to."

His brother made him laugh!

Happy Birthday Reid

We waited soooo long for Reid. Now that he is here, I want time to creep enjoy every moment. But time marches on, and he has turned ONE. How in the world did I let that happen? His birthday was Tuesday, March 23rd. We had his party on Sunday, the 21st. I picked the WORST day in the last 3 weeks of March to have his party. A cold front came through on Saturday. The high on Sunday was 54. It was miserably cold and windy. I remember when I found out Reid was due in March, I was so excited over a Spring baby. I could have awesome birthday parties outside in our huge yard. Ha-Ha! Not this year. We were prisoners inside.....Oh well, Reid didn't know any better.
This little "smash" cake was supposed to JUST have and "R" on it. The lady misunderstood me. So, it said Happy Birthday R. We got a good laugh out of that! Brotherly Love
Reid had no problem digging into the cake!

Reid received many nice gifts. He got a lot of spring clothes, a few toys and this pillow from Kemper. It matches his bed skirt! I love it!!!

He will definitely be wearing this outfit for Easter. This outfit was a gift from the Perdue's!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Future LSU Tiger???

Check out the tumble that Reid takes at the end.....

Brothers and Dirt

I am so glad that after the vast age difference between Reid and Wyatt that Reid was a boy! God definitely knew what he was doing. They love each other so much. It makes my heart so happy. Here are two new pics of them together.

Reid's first birthday party is Sunday. My dad came over to help me plant flowers in the flowerbed that hasn't really been a flowerbed for many years now. Reid was napping when he first got here, but then he woke up, and I wondered what would I do with him??? First I put him in the stroller. He was watching us and eating a snack. That kept him happy for about 45 minutes.

Then the squirming started! We were so close to being finished, so I decided to put him down in the grass and see what he did. He crawled over to where we were working, and he went to town! He had so much fun playing. He played for about 1 hour, and we never heard a peep out of him. He is so good. I bet he would love the beach and digging in the sand. He is soooooo OPPOSITE of his brother.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Week

In one week, my baby will turn ONE! How in the world has this year flown by so quickly? It is happy and sad all at the same time. I am not a NEWBORN stage lover, but I don't want him to grow up so fast either. I look back at those bleary-eyed first months, and I am SO glad they are over. But I also can't believe that he is walking already. It's amazing how in one year they go from helpless infants who can't do anything to big boys who are walking and trying to communicate with us. It's a miracle to watch every day. I am so thankful! So, goodbye babyland, hello toddlerville. Can't wait to see what this second year has in store.....

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thanks Dollar Tree

A while back Kelly's Korner had a "Show Us Your Life" on collections. I have NO collections. Then, I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet in my bathroom, and I realized that I DID have a collection. But thankfully the collection is now complete.

I was an avid collection of negative pregnancy tests. In the world of "infertiles" I think this is probably a quite common thing to collect. Sad, but true. Even though years go by with no positive outcomes, "infertiles" HAVE a great urge to take a test every month.

But, I am so cheap (frugal) that I could not justify spending that much money to get a negative result month after month. Then I discovered, much to my joy, that Dollar Tree sold pregnancy tests AND ovulation tests. Oh the joy that filled my soul when I realized this. And they actually worked! I read on different pregnancy bulletin boards that people were taking them, and getting REAL, TRUE positive results...followed up by the same results at the doctor's office.

So began my monthly run to the Dollar Tree to collect pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. A certain store on a certain Lane in a certain city had them out on the aisles. All other Dollar Trees around this certain city had them behind the counter, so you had to actually ASK someone for them. Oh, the horror! So....embarrassing. So, I would try to make it to that one certain store where they were out on the aisle, but sometimes I had to endure the humiliation of asking for them. And then the next month, I would wonder, "Do they remember me from the month before, and the month before, and the month before?" My name is Amy, and I am addicted to buying and taking pregnancy tests.

But I am very thankful to the Dollar Tree for letting me indulge in my addiction to peeing on a stick every month without breaking the bank. I mean, I can flush a dollar down the toilet without feeling too guilty:)

But I am most thankful for the test with the two lines, that really was accurate, and that brought me this 9 months later:) Thanks Dollar Tree....I couldn't have made it through my last few years of being an "infertile" without you.