Monday, January 18, 2010

Reid's First Haircut

I finally took Reid for his first haircut last week! I didn't want to get it cut because of the curls, but I knew that it was time. It was getting really shaggy. I took him to Cuttin' Up where I used to take Wyatt. Mrs. Denise is so sweet, and I wanted her to meet Reid. She did a great job, but he looks like a big boy now which is a little sad. He did not fuss at all. I hope he stays that way and doesn't turn into a haircut phobic like Wyatt was! So, Reid had a big week last week with the haircut and the dentist:)

Reid's First Dentist Appointment

I don't have any pictures of this, but Reid saw Dr. Hunt on Friday. Wyatt had an appointment for a check up on Friday morning because he was out of school. When Dr. Hunt came to talk to me, I asked her to look at these little spots on Reid's bottom two teeth. She said that she could scrape them off right then. So, we went back, he sat in my lap and then laid back in her lap, and she scraped them off without a problem. He did cry a little, but overall he was a big boy. She said they were little calcium deposits. The hygienist then cleaned all of his teeth with the cleaner that they use on us! It was funny! He didn't cry on that part because the cleaner tasted like strawberry, and you KNOW he loves to eat! So, Reid had his first dentist visit at 9 months old:) Wish I would've have known so that I could have had a picture!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 Month Check Up

We went for Reid's 9 month check up today! He looks great! His ears have cleared up, and he is still a chunky monkey! He weighed 24 lbs and 2 oz. (90-95th percentile) He was 29 inches long. (75th-90th percentile) He seems long to me, but I guess not THAT long! He is a sweet baby! Dr. West said how happy he is! He is a happy boy unless he is hungry or sleepy! The rest of the time we get lots of smiles! I am so thankful. We are blessed!

The picture above shows a hat that we bought for him at Woman's Hospital the day we found out that he was a boy. It's a size 12 month, but I think Reid's head is BIG! According to today's head measurements, his head is greater than the 97th percentile! Ha Ha! The hat barely fits him, but at least I have one pic with him wearing it! The day that we bought the hat, we were filled with such joy over a healthy baby. Two cute older ladies checked us out at the gift shop. They saw our ultrasound pics and asked what we were having. We told them a boy, and we had another boy at home. They said, "Oh you can try again for a girl!" I told them how badly Lance wanted it to be a girl. We said, "Oh no, this is it, if we have a girl, she would come from China." They thought we were funny, but we were so serious! No more babies will come forth from me:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reid's First Christmas

Christmas was SOOO much fun! Christmas Eve we went to church at Istrouma, and the service was beautiful! Then we went to my parents' house. We had a nice, laid-back Christmas Eve. Christmas morning Reid was the first one up as usual. He really acted like he knew what he was doing on Christmas morning! We gave him some little Weeble Wobbles and his eyes just lit up. Wyatt woke up not long after Reid, and they both headed straight for the tree. Reid loved his puppy dog named Scout and his Little People Nativity. Wyatt loved his Band Hero and his 2 new games for Wii. We went to Lance's mom's on Christmas Day. It was fun, and the kids enjoyed seeing their cousins and their great grandmother Libby.