Monday, January 18, 2010

Reid's First Dentist Appointment

I don't have any pictures of this, but Reid saw Dr. Hunt on Friday. Wyatt had an appointment for a check up on Friday morning because he was out of school. When Dr. Hunt came to talk to me, I asked her to look at these little spots on Reid's bottom two teeth. She said that she could scrape them off right then. So, we went back, he sat in my lap and then laid back in her lap, and she scraped them off without a problem. He did cry a little, but overall he was a big boy. She said they were little calcium deposits. The hygienist then cleaned all of his teeth with the cleaner that they use on us! It was funny! He didn't cry on that part because the cleaner tasted like strawberry, and you KNOW he loves to eat! So, Reid had his first dentist visit at 9 months old:) Wish I would've have known so that I could have had a picture!

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