Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 Month Check Up

We went for Reid's 9 month check up today! He looks great! His ears have cleared up, and he is still a chunky monkey! He weighed 24 lbs and 2 oz. (90-95th percentile) He was 29 inches long. (75th-90th percentile) He seems long to me, but I guess not THAT long! He is a sweet baby! Dr. West said how happy he is! He is a happy boy unless he is hungry or sleepy! The rest of the time we get lots of smiles! I am so thankful. We are blessed!

The picture above shows a hat that we bought for him at Woman's Hospital the day we found out that he was a boy. It's a size 12 month, but I think Reid's head is BIG! According to today's head measurements, his head is greater than the 97th percentile! Ha Ha! The hat barely fits him, but at least I have one pic with him wearing it! The day that we bought the hat, we were filled with such joy over a healthy baby. Two cute older ladies checked us out at the gift shop. They saw our ultrasound pics and asked what we were having. We told them a boy, and we had another boy at home. They said, "Oh you can try again for a girl!" I told them how badly Lance wanted it to be a girl. We said, "Oh no, this is it, if we have a girl, she would come from China." They thought we were funny, but we were so serious! No more babies will come forth from me:)

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ottszoo said...

love the picture of him with the hat. He'll be needing that all weekend! He is so darn adorable!