Monday, January 18, 2010

Reid's First Haircut

I finally took Reid for his first haircut last week! I didn't want to get it cut because of the curls, but I knew that it was time. It was getting really shaggy. I took him to Cuttin' Up where I used to take Wyatt. Mrs. Denise is so sweet, and I wanted her to meet Reid. She did a great job, but he looks like a big boy now which is a little sad. He did not fuss at all. I hope he stays that way and doesn't turn into a haircut phobic like Wyatt was! So, Reid had a big week last week with the haircut and the dentist:)


Kami Lambe said...

Too cute! Love it...I should take Sloan really soon!

ottszoo said...

he looks like such a big boy now!