Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 Months and Full of Fun

Reid is 10 months now, and he is full of fun and energy! He has done a lot of new things lately. He says Ma Ma, Da Da, and Ba Ba. Not ALL of the time, but we know he knows now who we are. He also started waving bye bye. It's so cute! Just yesterday he started standing unassisted A LOT! And he took one little step two different times. Yikes! I am sure that he will be walking soon!

He is into everything. His favorite thing to do right now is open cabinets and dump out all of the contents. He is BUSY!

He still loves to eat. Seems he never gets enough. He wants WHATEVER it is we are having. I have never given him anything that he refuses or spits out. He eats all vegetables and all meats. He loves biscuits and pancakes and OREOS. I gave him an Oreo the other day when Wyatt was eating them! I would have NEVER let Wyatt have an Oreo at 10 months old! Second babies are lucky:)

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ottszoo said...

I want one!!!!! He is absolutely adorable... I can't wait to have him in the wobbly walkers. You must get up every Sunday morning and have him there 1st hour. It is required!