Saturday, February 20, 2010

Super Bowl Win, Snow, Anniversary, Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras--WHAT A WEEK!!!

The Saints won the Super Bowl in case anyone hasn't heard! I have never followed the Saints, but I knew they were getting better over the last 4 years since Hurricane Katrina when Drew Brees joined the team. But of course, when they are going to the Super Bowl, we all got interested. We had a few friends over to watch the game. When the Saints made the interception at the end of the game that sealed the win for them, we all jumped up and screamed extremely loudly. This is what we heard and saw when we quieted down a bit. Luke and Reid are the youngest of the bunch, and we scared them to death!!! These pictures don't do it justice....poor fellas!

Our anniversary is February 12. To welcome the day, we had snow! In South Louisiana, it has snowed three times in 1 year and 2 months! Talk about crazy. Pardon my hair and lack of makeup in these pictures.

This year was our 11th year of marriage! Time truly does fly by. It's amazing what we have gone through in these years. I am thankful for my husband more than words can say.

Valentine's Day was about as low key as you can get. We went to church and then to my parents' house for lunch. My mom gave the boys balloons which Reid is obsessed with right now.

And last but not least, Wyatt and I went to the Metairie parade with some friends from church. This parade was only my second time to actually go to a New Orleans parade. The Metairie parade is "family friendly" and was on Tuesday morning. Lance stayed home with Reid. It was very cold that morning, but we warmed up with the excitement of the parade.

It was a very fun and exciting week for us! Sorry about the smallness of some of these pictures. I copied them from Facebook, so that must be why. I didn't have my camera with me:(

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