Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reid's Birthday Party

I am so behind on posts. I have about three that I want to do. So, here's a short one for now. (My friend is frustrated with my lack of posting, so this one is for her!) I was trying to get a picture of Reid's shirt in the picture above. Reid looks mad because he wanted to get in the trampoline, and I was telling him to say cheese! The theme of his party was "heavy equipment", so when I saw this shirt on, I knew that it had to be HIS:)

Reid's birthday was last Wednesday. I still can't believe that boy is 2!!!! We had his party on Saturday, and it was a gorgeous day! The weather was warm, but it was windy and not a cloud in the sky.

We had a lot of friends from church and from our "hometown" group of friends. There were kids everywhere...even a set of quadruplets;)

Everyone seemed to have a great time...especially the birthday boy! He received so many sweet presents! He loves to say "mine" now, so that was his favorite thing to say about all of his presents.

My friend Michelle made his cake. I bought the cupcakes, but she put everything together, and the whole idea was hers! How precious did it come out?

Wyatt had several older boys from church in attendance. They were all mesmerized by the cake! They helped Reid blow out the candles!

I didn't get a family picture even though I asked two people to remind me! I did get one of Reid and me though. The party was so much fun! I think Reid enjoyed being the center of attention!

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ottszoo said...

Yay!!!!! so happy to see this:) I love the first pic and last pic!! The cake is adorable. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I can't believe that boy is 2......