Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a Swingin'

When Wyatt turned 3 we bought a swingset for him. Last year, we literally had to bury that swingset. It was rotting, and it had become a hazard to our kids and our friends' kids!

I wanted to get the boys a new swingset for Christmas, but I was worried that Reid might be too little for the climbing aspect of the playset. So, we waited a few more months.

We found one that we liked, and I finally ordered it in early March. I knew that Lance was going to HATE putting it together, but that was the only option. They charge $600 to assemble it! (I don't think so!!!!)

Luckily, Lance had some rainy days that he couldn't work. Right after that he has been BUSIER than he has been for a very long time! So, it all worked out perfectly. Wyatt was out of school Monday and Tuesday of the week that Lance was working on the set. So, Lance, Wyatt and Reid literally spent HOURS outside those three days.

Reid "helped" Lance with his play screwdriver, drill and hammer! He had a great time, and it was so sweet for me to watch the father and sons bonding outside!

The swingset has been completed and was a HIT at Reid's party. I am thankful for my parents and Lance's mom who helped us to purchase such a nice set. I know that it will be played on for many years to come.


ottszoo said...

love, love, love the swingset! I cried a bucket of tears when we took ours down. Lance needs a name like handy randy.....he's pretty handy too! I know the boys enjoyed "helping" out. Boys and hammers, what a combo:)

Kami Lambe said...

I loved it too...mainly because the kids did :)