Monday, June 20, 2011

Things Reid is Doing or Saying

I am writing these down so that I don't forget:

1) I kept wondering why Reid says, "Where's the lovie?" when he can't find his lovie. Then today when we were leaving I said, "Where's the lovie?" So, I realized he is just repeating what I say. Hilarious!
2) He loves to watch Curious George. The first thing out of his mouth in the morning is, "Go in den and watch George".
3) Just this past weekend he started making this funny face while he was singing and dancing. It's a really serious face, but he is being funny and laughing at the same time. He scrunches up his nose and sticks his lips out. I need to get it on video.
4) When he doesn't know someone or is unsure of a person, he makes a kind of mean face at them. It's funny to me, but probably not to them!

1 comment:

ottszoo said...

I've seen that face when you dropped him off in the nursery when he was still in my class! He is too funny!