Friday, June 24, 2011

Orange Beach 2011

For the third time in 1 1/2 years, we stayed at Phoenix West with my parents and some of my family. We love Phoenix West because it is on the beach, has a lazy river, a water slide and a pool all within easy walking distance of one another. Reid was definitely a beach bum. He loved the beach. We stayed on the 24th floor, and he loved being out on the balcony! It freaked this momma out, but he loved the sights from way up high!

My niece Madison went, and Wyatt brought his friend as well. It was a really fun time. We stayed from Tuesday through Sunday. That's the longest we have ever stayed at the beach, but I loved every second of it! Reid is a handful, but usually either my mom or Lance would stay up in the room with him while he napped. That gave me 2 hours of "me" time.

We tried to go to Lulu's one evening to eat. The wait was over 1 hour. The kids had fun (as usual) playing in the sand. But once we were seated, I had reached "maximum capacity", and Lance and I both agreed it was time to take Reid back to the condo. We called in a to go order at the Shrimp Basket, and we picked it up and went back to the room. Reid feel asleep right after he ate. Wyatt and his friend stayed behind, and my parents brought them back after they ate. Lulu's added a crazy bungee cord climbing apparatus outside. Wyatt immediately wanted to do it. So, my child who used to be completely fearful of heights climbed and climbed. It was fun for him.

Reid absolutely loved the sand! It did my heart good because anyone who knows Wyatt knows that HATE is a mild word for how he felt about the sand when he was young up until about the last year or two. Wyatt also decided that he loved being in the water this year. He spent lots of time hanging out in the surf!

I didn't have it in me to get a family pic on the beach. We just recently took family pics, so I didn't feel TOO guilty! But we got one pic of us. There are three different takes, and we aren't all looking at the camera in any of them. Wyatt looks mad in this one, but he wasn't. In the next take he is smiling! Here's to trying to document all of life's moments! LOL!

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ottszoo said...

I cannot believe Wyatt was climbing on that! crazy! love the pic of wyatt and reid where it looks like reid is throwing sand. cute family pic--those are real life family pics where not everyone is looking at the camera. I love the beach!!!