Monday, February 27, 2012

February Challenge 22-Where You Work

I am a stay at home mom.  So, I work at home.  I have many duties including chief dish washer.

It's ironic that this picture is actually of dishes that Lance washed! Among my other duties are laundry washer, sheet changer, homework helper, clothes dresser, vacuumer, duster, mopper, and bathroom cleaner.  I don't get paid for any of these duties.  Oh, and I almost forget, I am the grocery shopper and chef;)

Additionally, I am the secretary/bookkeeper for our business.  I don't get paid for that job either.  I am the monthly/quarterly tax payer,  income tax preparer, paycheck writer, mail opener, filer, and bill payer.

I very OFTEN think that I real job would be much more fulfilling in the fact that I would ACTUALLY get paid for all of my hard work!!!

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