Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas has come and gone. It's hard to believe it! But I must say I was very happy to get all of the Christmas decorations put back up in the attic. And I was SUPER excited when school started last Wednesday:)

We had a fun Christmas with Wyatt and Reid. It's so fun to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. The first few days that the tree was up, Reid would NOT leave it alone. But thankfully, once the newness wore off he was fine.

Reid came with me to Wyatt's class Christmas party. I was a little apprehensive about taking him, but he had a blast. And Wyatt's classmates loved him.

We did LOTS of laying around with not much planned. It was nice, but I get cabin fever pretty quickly.

Santa came and brought lots of good stuff. One of the hits of Christmas was the Sing a Ma Jigs. Reid especially likes his.

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